C Series

C Series

C Series
C Series

C Series Model C5 & C10 Molding Machine

These economical air powered compression presses are a breeze to operate and maintain. Our 5 and 10 ton bench top presses are great for compression molding rubber, silicone, epoxy resin and other thermoset materials.

It is also ideal for laminating work, heat sealing etc. Available with or without heated platens.

Key features:

  • P.L.C. controlled for “bullet proof” operational sequence.
  • Digital temperature controllers maintain optional heated platens to +/- 1° F.
  • 2 hand anti tie down opto touch buttons for safe ergonomic operation.
  • Digital timer for precise cure time.
  • Available in 110v or 220v single phase.
  • For platen dimensions please see chart below…

Optional features:

  • Heated platens with heater cartridges and digital temperature controllers.
  • Liquid silicone injector nozzle with shut off pin.
Specifications: C Series Molding Machine
C5 C10
Clamp Force at 100 PSI 5 ton 10 ton
Opening Force, lbs 1200 lbs 2000 lbs
Press Stroke, maximum 4″ 5″
Air Consumption SCF/cycle 3.7 7.8
Dimensions 18″ x 26″ x 30″ 24″ x 30″ x 60″
Appropriate Shipping Weight 400 lb 800 lb
Maximum Mold Base 8″ x 10″ 12″ x 12″
OPTIONAL FEATURES Liquid silicone injection with shut off pin
Bottom eject