Vehicle Sealing Machines

VSR Series - Vehicle Sealing Machines

Thermoset Rubber Molding or TPV

Our single station "C" frame presses are ideal for molding corner details on extrusion for vehicle window and door seals. The "C" frame design allows for obstruction free molding on 3 sides of the press. Available with heated platens and our unique water jacketed barrel for stable barrel temperature control.

For anti vibration and glass encapsulation applications we offer larger tonnage presses. The four post presses down acting clamp mechanism and are offered with or without shuttle tables. Strip fed rubber injection units are available with up to 300 tons of clamp force.

For high production applications we offer multi-station rotary table injection molding machines. 4-12 station rotaries have heated platens at every station and out board clamp cylinders to hold your mold closed while it is rotating around the table. You will be putting valuable time to use by curing the part while the injection station is doing its job. One station prior to clamp and inject a finished part is presented in as little as every 10 seconds.

Vehicle Sealing Machines are available in 30-300 Ton in/out & L/R shuttles.


  • Corner molding machines
  • Corner vulcanization machines
  • Automotive sealing machines
  • Customized press design
  • Glass encapsulation
  • Anti-vibration molding