VC Series

Model VC "Tiebarless" C Frames

The VC Series has a tie barless "C" frame structure to allow obstruction free molding on 3 sides of the clamping area. These presses have a vertical clamp with an adjustable horizontal injection unit. These are available as a single station, left/right shuttle or a rotary which makes them highly effective for any insert molding application and /or set up in an automated work cell.


  • Proprotional hydraulics for quick easy set up and repeatable performance.
  • Standard P.L.C. and interface screen by Omron.
  • Complete with hydraulic bottom eject.
  • All pressures, speeds, temperatures and timers set via interface screen.
  • Fully guarded per OSHA requirements.
  • Multiple speeds and pressures for all hydraulic functions.
  • Alarm history page.