PM 18 Ton Molding Machine

Great for prototyping, R & D and short run productions.

This economical, pneumatic, bench top molding machine only requires shop air and 220v, single phase to get you on your way to insert molding any thermoplastic components. Great for prototyping, R & D and short run productions.

The PM18 is a semi automatic molding machine that comes with an in/out shuttle which slides both halves of the mold out to the operator for ease of loading and unloading parts. The mold will need to be a book mold (hinged on one side) or have handles for the operator to lift the top off. The plunger retracts out of the barrel and allows the pellets for the next shot to fall into the barrel. The barrel contains a beryllium copper spreader to transfer the heat to the center of the melt to ensure an even melt flow and faster recovery between cycles and prevent melted material from sticking to the plunger.

Key features include:

  • P.L.C. controlled for solid state operations
  • 2 hand anti tie down "opto touch" buttons for safe ergonomic operation
  • Push button actuated bottom eject
  • 2 heat zones controlled by solid state relays and digital temperature controllers
  • Available in 110v or 220v single phase

Specifications: Model PM18

Clamp Force 18 ton @ 150 PSI
Clamp Stroke .21 inches
Barrel Heat 2 zone, 2kw total
Maximum Mold Dimensions 8" x 8"
Injection Pressure 12,500 PSI
Ejector Stroke 1"
Dimensions 36" x 24" x 45"
Shipping Weight, approx. 500 lb.


Molding Machine


  • Bench top plastic molding machine
  • Bench top R&D molding
  • Plastic transfer molding