P Series Molding Machine

The P Series injection molding machine is a low cost, space saving solution for
many injection molding applications. The unique pneumatic toggle clamp
mechanism can develop up to 60 tons of clamp force with regular shop air. The
pneumatically operated plunger style injection unit ensures precise, repeatable
injection cycle after cycle.

The injection unit stands up vertically in the back of the press with a right angle
at the nozzle for parting line inject. This compact design uses a mere 9 square
feet of floor space for a 60 ton machine and even less for the 20 ton. The
pneumatic shut off nozzle eliminates drool for a cleaner more accurate injection
process. Ideal for wax injection molding and can also be set up for injection
molding liquid silicone.

  • Available with or without heated platens.
  • Adjustable nozzle height.
  • Available with a bottom transfer ram to allow for injection, compression and transfer molding all on one machine.
  • Ideal for a low cost liquid silicone molding solution.

Specifications: P Series Molding Machine

  P20 P60
Clamp Force 20 ton 60 ton
Maximum Injection Capacity 1 2/3 ci 4 1/4 ci
Clamp Stroke 6" 10 1/4"
Maximum Die Space 11 3/4" x 6 1/2" 18 1/4" x 12"


Molding Machine


  • Pneumatic molding machine
  • Vertical clamp, horizontal transfer molding machine